St. Margaret of Antioch parish in Osage Bend, Missouri, was established in 1907.


Until the early 1900's, Catholic families in the Osage Bend area traveled to neighboring parishes for church services, or on occasion a priest would come to Osage Bend to say mass.  In 1907 several families joined their efforts to establish a church of their own.  For a complete history of our parish, click on the Parish History button below.

St. Margaret Parish Pastoral Care

The priests, deacons, and administrators who have served and currently serve St. Margaret Parish have been an inspiration to the parishioners.  Each, with their own God-given gifts, has modeled the selfless giving of time and talent.  For this, the members of St. Margaret Parish thank them.

  • 1907: Fr. Peter Joseph Wigger, First Pastor
  • 1913: Fr. Henry G. Kuper
  • 1917: Fr. James Denner
  • 1928: Fr. Herman Wagener
  • 1942: Fr. Leo Olischlaeger
  • 1948: Fr. Michael N. Schaller
  • 1971: Fr. David Maher
  • 1971: Fr. Raymond Rau
  • 1972: Fr. Kenneth Brockel
  • 1972: Fr. Aloysius G. Hilke
  • 1978: Fr. Donald Greene
  • 1979:  Fr. Tom Dolan, Pastoral Administrator
  • 1979:  Deacon William Kennedy, Associate Pastoral Administrator
  • 1980: Ms. Kay Lahr, Pastoral Minister
  • 1982: Fr. Brendan Doyle, Pastoral Administrator
  • 1984: Sister M. Gertrude Gallagher, Pastoral Minister
  • 1989: Fr. Michael Coleman, Pastor
  • 1992: Sister Peggy Bonnot, Pastoral Minister
  • 1999: Deacon Larry Hildebrand, Deacon and Pastoral Administrator
  • 2000: Fr. Lou Dorn, Pastor
  • 2000: Deacon Bob Smerek, Pastoral Administrator
  • 2003: Fr. Mark Porterfield, Pastor
  • 2006: Fr. Greg Meystrik, Pastor
  • 2012: Fr. Ignacio Medina
  • 2012: Deacon Fred Schmitz, Parish Life Collaborator
  • 2021: Monsignor David Cox, Pastoral Administrator
  • 2021: Deacon Larry Hildebrand, Deacon

Diocesan Shepherds