Stewardship: Tithing Commitment Form

Stewardship 2023 : Tithing Commitment Form

Stewardship Expectations

Discipleship calls us to more than membership; it calls us to active stewardship. To support all the ministires of the parish, we need every family's active stewardship in the parish.

What does stewardship ask of all members of the parish?

  • Commitment to pray. That is, actively and regularly attend Mass on weekends and Holy Days of Obligation.
  • Commitment to participate.That is, offer their talents and a portion of their time to serve the parish community and be a part of its fellowship and opportunities for ongoing Christian formation.
  • Commitment to sacrificially give.That is, generously and proportionately pledge a portion of the "first fruits" of material treasure to support the operation and ministry of the parish church. The goal for Christians is the Biblical tithe (10%) and all are called to strive toward that goal.

All parish families are expected to enshrine these three commitments through the completion of annual Catholic Stewardship Renewal forms. In addition, parish families must strive to stay current on their commitment in order to be considered active stewards in the parish.

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